Space Weather

sunearthi2Space Weather is the term scientists use to describe the conditions on the Sun, in the solar wind, and of the Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere that can affect space and ground-based technological systems, and also endanger human life or health. Explosions on the Sun create, indeed, storms of radiation, fluctuating magnetic fields, and swarms of energetic particles that interact in complex ways with the Earth's magnetic field. Sometime some space weather storms can damage satellites, disable electric power grids, and disrupt cell phone communications systems. As we become more dependent upon satellites in space we will increasingly feel the effects of space weather and need to predict it.
At INGV scientists continuously monitor the effects of the space weather storms on the ionosphere and Earth’s magnetic field.

Space weather related observations

Earth's magnetic field

Automatic system at L'Aquila observatory (Italy)

Automatic system at Castello Tesino observatory (Italy)

Automatic system at Baia Terra Nova observatory (Antarctica)